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If you need a real good pavement for your home, Roc2c has the solution for you!


"PORTUGUESE PAVEMENT (Calçada Portuguesa). Actually, one of the charming hallmarks of Portugal's streets is their decorated pavements, with armillary spheres, caravels and vessels, crosses, stars, and animals. It all started in 1849 after the completion of the wave design known as «the wide sea» in Lisbon's Rossio Square, followed by the pavements of most of Lisbon's streets, the rest of the country, as well as in Brazil - the «wide sea» design seen in Rio de Janeiro's famous beaches – and even in Macau. New York's Central Park's tribute to John Lennon, and the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre also used this art form. Limestone is hewn by hand, and Portuguese pavement is part of the country's heritage and identity, continuing to decorate the streets and squares all over Portugal. Being usually used in sidewalks, it is in plazas and atriums this art finds its deepest expression. Some Portuguese craftsmen did come to Raiatea to create the pavement that can be seen at Raiatea’s port!"


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