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Pavements of Pleasure

Lagos, Algarve - Portugal
Pavements of Pleasure: Walking choreographies, visual illusions and emotional landscapes of waiting Ana Luz, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London

"Using the site-specific traditional mosaic systems of the Portuguese sidewalks as reference, this paper will discuss the possibility of a walking notation for urban pavements. Three diverse but linked conceptual frameworks will be considered: 1. conceptions of aesthetics of mobility and of disappearance; 2. principles of optical art, anamorphosis and visual illusions; and 3. theories of playability and pleasure. It will be argued that pavements can deepen the poetics of any given place, in particular the uninspiring spaces of mobility and travel like transport nodes, where spatial practices such as walking and waiting are embodied by the tempo of empty and negative times of boredom. Keywords Pavements; Portuguese sidewalks; walking choreographies; visual illusions; playability. Introduction Within environmental design disciplines, hard landscape design usually refers to the built work of paving design, landscape enclosures and landscape/street furniture ..."

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