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Our Lady of the Castle Church in Mangualde, Viseu - Portugal

At the beginning of the century. XV was raised a chapel dedicated to St. Mary of the Castle on a terrace not far from the top of the mountain in memory of the battlebetween soldiers of Trancoso in Portugal and Castile.
Later another chapel was erected, replacing the first. And the chapel was maintained until 1832, when the enthronement of the image of Our Lady of the Castle in the temple that still stands on the flattened top of the hill, sent up in the piety of Miguel Pais de Sá Menezes.
The chapel building is a simple but sleek lines which highlights the uniqueness of a steep high tower high on the facade. The interior of the temple shows a bright elegantmain chapel altarpiece whose neoclassical flavor rises over high steps. The image of the Virgin with its sovereign boy thrives in Central throne.

Photos: Celso Gonçalves Roc2c

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