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Santa Comba Dao, flowered city - the cobblestone pavements

views of the church city
cobblestone streets

Santa Combra Dão is a lovely town located on the fertile region of Dão-Lafões, a place of great agricultural production, very rural, famous for being the birth town of António de Oliveira Salazar, the Portuguese dictator that governed the Country between 1032 and 1968.

The historical centre of this town has maintained its rural and typical ambiance, characterized by its medieval traditional architecture, usually built with granite, by the small charming squares like Rossio of the Município Square, and a great peace of mind.

In Santa Comba Dão history is part of every corner, with charming rural narrow streets and houses that seem lost in time. The town presents lovely monuments such as the Baroque Mother Church from the 18th century, the also 18th century Misericórdia Church, the elegant Arcos Manor House (an elegant house that received many illustrious guests, such as Queen Catherine of England in 1962, nowadays housing the Municipal Library), the proud Pillory or even the gracious Romanesque Bridge over the Hortas Streamlet.

Photos: Celso Gonçalves Roc2c

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