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If you need a real good pavement for your home, Roc2c has the solution for you!


Presentation Roc2c - Portuguese Stone Works - Portuguese Cobblestone Pavements

Roc2c is a registered brand since 2008, associated to the company Rockview Ltd, located in the town of Redondas, near Alcobaça, Portugal.
The company, led by Celso Gonçalves, began in 1999 with stone extraction in about a hundred quarries, allowing a vast knowledge about the product and its application. In 2002 the acquiring of a quarry, transformation and application of this kind of stone. Quality and excellence was a starting point with regard of finding solutions that meet the expectations for each client.
Between 2002 and 2008 the implementation of various projects, both nationally and internationally, counted with renowned architects such as Siza Vieira, Roger Herrera, David Chipperfield and Luc Deromme, among others. In this regard, the brand Roc2c was created to provide a better response for customer requirements, providing higher confidence in our service, including the recognition from the architects Siza Vieira and David Chipperfield, by letter of recommendation.

Roc2c has several teams of extraction, transformation and application of natural stone. It also includes a team of designers and architects responsible for customizing each project.
Our ultimate goal is the internationalization of a unique product, applying a contemporary design approach to a pavement that is part of the Portuguese cultural heritage.

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