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São Martinho do Porto is a nice village at a beautiful and calm bay

A pleasant village at a calm bay in Middle Portugal

São Martinho do Porto is a nice village at a beautiful and calm bay. This bay is a shell-shaped lagoon. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a small passage between the hills. Around the bay is a wide sandy beach, and next to the beach hills and dunes. During summer season there are many blue-white tents on the beach, you can rent them to store your beach gear or relax in the shade. The port is at the northside of the bay, all the boats are located around this area.

Because of this bay, and the many possibilities, São Martinho do Porto is an attractive small seaside resort.

The beautiful bay is a paradise for small children. But also for their parents and older children there is enough entertainment. There are many nice and good (fish) restaurants, not only at the seaside but also in the village centre. The local market is open all week.

The picturesque small village of Salir do Porto is on the southside of the bay. This is also a very good place to enjoy your holidays.

São Martinho do Porto and Salir do Porto are centrally located in a beautiful area of Portugal, the Costa de Prata (Silver Coast).

Many well known locations are on a short distance.
Nazaré at only 13 kilometer,
Alcobaça at 24,
Batalha at 44,
Fátima at 75,
Caldas da Rainha at 17,
Peniche at about 50
and the very beautiful Óbidos at 20 kilometer.
and even Lisbon is less than 100 kilometer away.

To put it this way: São Martinho do Porto is the ultimate starting point for exploring the Costa de Prata.

Photos: Celso Gonçalves Roc2c

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