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Inside Alfama Streets

On top of the highest hill in Lisbon sits St. Georges Castle. The area is called the Alfama. The castle started out as a 5th century Visigothic fort. Then the Moors came and built the castle. In 1147 Dom Afonso Henriques expelled the Moors and the kings or Portugal lived here until the 16th century. A lot of the castle was destroyed during the great earthquake of 1755. Now the castle is one of the tourist favorites because it has the best views of the city. One can take a taxi to the top of the hill, and later take a minibus down. It is too difficult to do this trip on foot, unless one is very young and has the energy to do it. The rides up and down are quite scary, especially since the vehicles go at fast speeds in such narrow streets.
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Considerado o monumento mais emblemático da cidade de Lisboa, o Castelo de S. Jorge é um testemunho relevante de momentos ímpares da história de Lisboa e de Portugal. 
Em 16 de Junho de 1910, meses antes da implantação da República, D. Manuel II, último Rei de Portugal, manda publicar o decreto de classificação do património nacional com estatuto de Monumento Nacional, em cuja lista se incluía o Castelo de S. Jorge. 
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