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Cais do Sodré "White Lisbon - The Lisbon of Stories and Inspiration"

Cais Sodre

There is something magical about Cais Sodre, the local port terminal and train station. If you live in Lisbon you know Cais Sodre. It is the human heart of the city. You see a thousand stories at Cais Sodre, people arriving, rushing home, waiting, meeting, parting, longing, Romance and a fair share of sadness.

De Lisboa Cais Sodre
This was once the haunt of sailors looking for a good time it had a bad reputation, but now it has an authentic and vibrant feel, The sleazy clubs and brothels have almost all been replaced by good cafes and bars.

De Lisboa Cais Sodre

Cais Sodre is also the place for crossing the river to take in the unbelievable views from Cacilhas. A convenient way to hit the nighlife at Docas Alcantara. The place to take the trains to the fantastic beaches at Oeiras and Cascais or to vist the wonderful Lisbon Monuments at Belem.

We often go to Zarazuela on Rua Arsenal on the way from Comercio it has great croissants, or the British Bar opposite with a fantastic selection of spirits, featured in the film by Alain Tanner "In the White City". Here you find the clock that goes backwards. Don’t expect British colonialism, this is a bar with real Lisboa atmosphere. Another literary connection, the hero of nobel prize winner Jose Saramrgo's novel The Death of Ricardo Reis stays in a hotel near the British Bar after he arrives from South America.

There is a very good restaurant over the square just before the market, Porto Abrigo, and next to it a well known Irish Pub O'Gillans .


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