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Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, exterior floor in Portuguese Pavement

Largo Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, Sítio da Nazaré - Portugal

In 1377, King Fernando built the first church to house the sacred image, and to host the large number of pilgrims visiting the Lady of Nazaré, being expanded and benefited over the reigns of João I, D. João II and D. Manuel. Building dominated by two tall bell towers of gables, Baroque, preceded by a large gallery porch, built by King Manuel, toaccommodate the pilgrims. Throughout the building attests to the great reform of the late seventeenth century (1680-1691). The interior has a single nave, covered with tile panels of the seventeenth century written by Van du Kloet. The Church and the tiles thatare lining classified since 1978 as a Public Interest.

Photos: Celso Gonçalves Roc2c

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