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Portuguese Pavement

Portuguese Pavement was inherited from Roman culture and building technology, of which there are still countless examples in Portugal. It was the Romans who began to use stone as a material for their armies to defend their growing Empire, exploring a range of alternatives for its use in building and decorative applications.
Thus inherited, today it is an expression of Portuguese culture that is recognized and appreciated internationally as a successful trait of our culture that to a degree has spread around the whole world.
It has great technical and aesthetic potential, traditionally used for hundreds of years in pavements as it is ideal for use in areas where pedestrians circulate.
It is therefore the ideal pavement for those who are concerned with the environment as it is made with natural stone, an ecological product that is transformed by hand and which, after being applied, causes no problems for the environment as it is 100% natural. It has the advantage of being durable and aesthetically very attractive coupled with economic advantages due to the fact that it can be restored whenever necessary.
This a sector that is currently performing well in the modernization of application methods and also in enhancing the landscape in areas that have already been built-up, so as to reduce the impact on the environment to the minimum.
Portuguese Pavement (葡萄牙路面) has won over many fans over the last 15 years, besides gaining new customers and markets as new requirements arise, together with the appearance of large construction works at home and abroad.

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