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View of Rossio Square in Lisbon Santa Justa Elevator

The Rossio is the popular name of the Pedro IV Square (Portuguese: Praça de D. Pedro IV) in the city of Lisbon, in Portugal. It is located in the Pombaline Downtown of Lisbon and has been one of its main squares since the Middle Ages. It has been the setting of popular revolts and celebrations, bullfights and executions, and is now a preferred meeting place of Lisbon natives and tourists alike.

The current name of the Rossio pays hommage to Pedro IV, King of Portugal as well as first Emperor of Brasil (as Pedro I). His bronze statue is seen on top of a column in the middle of the square.

In mid-nineteenth century the square was paved in black and white, with wavy patterns. It was one of the first drawings of this sort to decorate the floors of the city. On the north sideof the square is the Teatro Nacional D. Mary II, which is named after the daughter of D.Peter D. Maria II.

Photos: Celso Gonçalves Roc2c

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