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  • Can I order a Roc2c cobblestone work anywhere in the world?
Yes, Roc2c is prepared to perform cobblestone works anywhere in the world.
  • What kind of stone is more adequated to my region?
Our stones are suitable for any region of the world, however, for regions with very rigorous winters, with snow and ice, we only advise granite cobblestone.
  • Does Portuguese cobblestone needs maintenance?
A guaranteed Roc2c Portuguese cobblestone does not have any kind of maintenance, only regular cleaning.
  • Is the amount an important factor in the price?
Yes, the price will depend on the project area, however, we perform works of small and large dimensions.
  • What is the information needed to request a budget?
To respond accurately to your request, you must indicate the location of the work, the type of stone, the paving area, with or without custom drawing, description and type of work.
  • Does Roc2c make custom/exclusive designs?
Yes, Roc2c has a team of designers and architects with the purpuse to develop any design you desire.
  • Can Roc2c provide just the stone?
No, because Roc2c policy is not to sell only stone, but an exclusive cobblestone quality service.
  • How far in advance should I contact to order a Roc2c service?
30 days for Europe and 45 days for the rest of the world.
  • Roc2c makes reconstruction of existing Portuguese cobblestone?
Yes, depending on the existing stone and the project in question.

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