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View of famous portuguese cobblestone pavements known as "Calçada à Portuguesa". "Largo Luís de Camões" in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon's Meeting Place

This small square is the transition zone between Chiado and Bairro Alto
In its center is a monumental statue of 16th century epic poet Luis de Camões standing on a pedestal with other smaller statues of classical Portuguese authors. Behind it is a historical kiosk serving traditional Portuguese refreshments. 

It faces Largo do Chiado, where there are two Baroque churches: Loreto (also known as "of the Italians") and Encarnação. 
Here is also Lisbon's best-known café, A Brasileira, a meeting place of several generations of intellectuals and artists. 
In front is a statue of poet Fernando Pessoa sitting in a chair, recalling the days when he used to write at this cafe.

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  1. Nossa, está lindo o nosso Largo do Camões,nossa calçada é única,e deste Hotel que existe nesta esquina temos uma vista fabulosa sobre LISBOA.