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If you need a real good pavement for your home, Roc2c has the solution for you!


Work Roc2c, Portuguese Cobblestone with pattern in chess, house in Estoril, Cascais

Start of work

Material support to assist in accuracy and alignment of the pattern of the pavement 

Master stone layers to finish the edge of the pavement 

Sample Pattern with white stone (Ref: Roc2c0101) and black (Ref: Roc2c0104) 

Detail of stone engraved with our brand Roc2c 

Padding of spaces to complete pavement 

Detail of the final work 

Overhead view 

Detail of the pattern in chess 

View of the finished pavement 

View from the terrace to the sea 

Portuguese Cobblestone Pavement
Terrace Private Housing
Materials: Vidraço Beige and Black Basalt
Location: Estoril, Cascais, Portugal
Year: 2013
Quantity: 70 m2
Masters stone layers Roc2c

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