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Design and architecture in Portugal by Tadeu Soares

Text by Tadeu Soares - Ambassador of Portugal in China

We are extremely pleased that this issue of such a prestigious magazine is dedicated to design and architecture in Portugal. 

I hope readers will gain a better understanding of Portuguese achievements in the field of contemporary architecture and design, which for many years have already attracted international recognition. It brings to the Chinese public a less well known side of Portugal.
I invite Chinese visitors to go and see for themselves some of the wonderful modern buildings that we have in cities like Lisbon and Porto. 
It would be easy to mention a whole host of favourites but I will limit myself to two: the “Casa da Música” in Porto and the “Oriente” Train Station in Lisbon. Alongside these wonderful buildings, you will find thriving old quarters where the past has been preserved to a degree that is rarely found in other places in the world. Off course, in the last few years, the modernization of Chinese cities has captured the attention of the world and in China we can find a similar phenomenon, i.e. a good combination of the old and the new. 
Portugal has had a longstanding relationship with China that started at the beginning of the 16th century. Chinese art had a big impact in Portugal, throughout these 500 years of friendly relations, including in architecture, in details that can be found in Portuguese houses until today. 
In recent times our economic relations match the excellence of the political ones and are accompanied by the growing links between people, academic institutions and businesses in both countries.
We hope initiatives like this one will help to increase the interest of its readers in Portugal. 
It should be remembered that traveling is easier today, expedited visa procedures for travel are in place, and residency rights can be applied for certain types of investments.

In 2013 we will be celebrating 500 years of the first contacts of the Portuguese and Chinese people. We view this encounter as an important moment in our history, and the subsequent friendship as an enriching factor for the Portuguese people. We want to build on such 500 years for another five centuries of friendship.

Excerpt from the magazine "Casa International"

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