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The " Whale "

There is a relationship between the district of Leme and whales, since long time ...

There is some old recounted histories that a beached whale on the tail would have brought the Portuguese Emperor and his family for picnic on Leme beach .

Closing the landscape of Atlantic Avenue , lying , opposite the Copacabana Fort, Forte do Leme section between Morro do Inhangá and Pedra do Leme, as well as the urban area formed between the tunnel in Av. Princesa Isabel, through Avenida Atlântica.

As for the steel sculpture placed on the boardwalk , next to the frame 0 km of Atlantic Avenue at "Life Guard Station 1" ( Posto 1, as it's known ), there is a work chosen by public tender , authored by Angelo Venosa* (1954-) which was originally installed in Praca Maua , in the late 1980s .

After about ten years , the monument was moved to its present address on Atlantic Avenue .

Nicknamed " The Stranded Whale " or just " The Whale " , the monument , six meters long and about twelve tons, up resembling a skeleton of large mammal .

Contrary opinion has its author, who said there was no intention to appear nothing in what he considers just a metal sculpture.

Text and photos: Bernardete Porfírio

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